I) Description of the handler of personal data

ALPIHOME - SARL CHALEXCELLENCE, share capital of  5000.00 , registred at the official trade register under N° 482 605 516, located CENTRE BONLIEU 1 RUE JEAN JAURES 74000 ANNECY hereafter « the Company»), acting for itself or any member of its group.

II) Terms

User : any person using the services of the Company, whether or not they have an account with them, or simply visiting the Company's website. 
Site : the Company's website

III) Collection, conditions and finality of data treatment

The Company collects personal data (name, surname, address, email address, telephone number, IP address, photographs of a property) from the user browsing, consulting and/or entering personal data on its website in order to access its services.

Data is collected when the user  :

Data collected is necessary for the following :

Account creation, forms and questionaires

The User will have to fill in all fields in the account creation form, or in correspondance forms on the website, except optional fields, ie not marked with a star. Optional information collected by the Company allows for better knowledge of the users of the website.

Any failure to fill in a compulsory form or the absence of agreement on RGPD policy will result in the form not being sent to the Company.

Recipient of data

Data is collected for use by the Company. Data may be transferred to partners in relation to the Company's activities, local or judiciary authorities when officially requested. Data may equally be handled by subcontractors used by the Company while creating, updating, maintaining, storing databases during the course of the Company's business and for the prevention of fraud.

IV) Rights and protection of the user

1) Rights of access, modification, deletion ; rights to oppose data treatment

The user has the right to access, rectify and delete data about him. The user can oppose the treatment of personal data. In order to do this, he can simply write to the company at CENTRE BONLIEU 1 RUE JEAN JAURES 74000 ANNECY or send an email to

The user must specify his name, surname, postal address. The request must be signed and have proof of ID attached. The user must specify the address at which correspondance is to be sent. The company has one month from reception of the user's request to comply. After that time, the user may appeal to the CNIL in the event of a negative reply or no action being taken.

2) Portability of data

The use has to right to portability of data treated by automation, which includes :

3) Transfer of personal data outside the European Union 

Personal data are stored, hosted and treated within the European Union.

 4) Conservation period and right to oblivion

4.1 The company conserves data for a period of 5 years from the end of relations with the client or the prospect. The period starts either from the last transaction undertaken, or the last request being entered, or the last call to the client, or the reception of an email, or a click on a hyperlink contained in an email addressed by the Company, or finally from a positive reply to an email asking if the client wishes to continue to receive information or alerts after the 5 year period.

However, information enabling proof of a right or a contract, or conserved in order to meet legal obligations may be archived according to prevailing laws.

After this period, client data will be made anonymous or destroyed.  

4.2 Notwithstanding earlier statements, the user has a right to oblivion and to his personal data being erased, unless the Company has a right to keep some data in order to meet its civil, fiscal and legal responsibilities.

The User must notifiy his request in the same form as the right of access mentioned above.

5) Treatment of data after death 

The company informs the user that he may, while alive, express his wishes as to the conservation, deletion or communication of his personal data after his death. The user's directives may be general or specific. The user may revoque his directives at any time. In that case the user may contact the company in the same manner as for the right of access explained above..

6) Specific functions

Newsletters and Email alerts from the company

From the creation of his account or upon subscription and later in the management of his preferences, or according to the choice of certain services, the user may subscribe to the company newsletter or email alerts and choose to be informed regularly about offers made by the company. He has, at any time, the option to unsubscribe by clicking on a the adequate link in the newsletters.  

Sms / mms

The company may use the mobile phone number of the client to communicate offers, requests and alerts. At any time the client has the right to oppose this easily and free of charge, or to unsubscribe from alerts, in the "my account" section of the website, or via a form (if applicable) or by post to : CENTRE BONLIEU 1 RUE JEAN JAURES 74000 ANNECY.


Definition of a cookie
A cookie is a small file placed or stored on your terminal (computer, notepad or mobile device) when you visit a website on the internet. The cookie enables you to be recognised, helps you to navigate from page to page on a website, provides secure connexions and remembers your preferences on your next visits. The company uses cookies in order to recognise the user (client or not) whilst connected to the website. They are anonymous and do not collect or store personal data.

Deleting cookies
The user may at any time deactivate cookies recorded on his terminal. To do this, he can simply use the appropriate button in the "Legal Notice" page or select the correct parameters in his browser and consult the menu in the browser. However, deactivation might result in access to certain functions of the website which enable personalisation of the company's services being prevented. 

 Web beacons

The company uses web beacons on certain pages of the website which allow counting the number of visitors on the page and updating of the site. These beacons may be used with certain of our partners, in particular in order to measure and improve the efficiency of our services. Information collected through the beacons is anonymous and only serve to measure traffic on the site, in order to better assist users of the site. 

Plugins to social networks

The site uses plugins from social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc (hereafter « social networks »). For example if the user is connected to Facebook while using the website, Facebook will be able to directly link the visitor to his Facebook account even if the visitor hasn't used the "share" button. If the user interacts via the plugins, for example by clicking "Like" or by posting a comment, the corresponding info will be passed on and recorded on a Facebook server. They will be published on the Facebook account of the user.

The company doesn't treat data collected by social networks via buttons. The user will have to check the data privacy policy of the social network involved, in order to be familiar with how they manage and use data and to find out about how to set his parametres to protect his privacy.

If the user doesn't wish the social network to link data collected through the company to his account on the social network, he must disconnect from the social network prior to using the website.

Safety measures put in place by the company in order to protect personal data 


The company uses all technical means according to good practice in order to maintain integrity, digital and physical safety, confidentiality of data and in particular to prevent data from being altered, damaged or to prevent access by unauthorised third parties, by using enctryption, access codes, firewalls, anti-viruses and any other adequate techniques. 

The company